GAWF celebrates its 50th birthday

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The Greek Animal Welfare Fun is celebrating this year its 50th birthday and is organizing more activities to make its voice louder. GAWF is a charity organization based in Athens and the UK. Established in 1959 by Mrs Eleanor Close, the members of this society in Greek and the UK work together to improve welfare for all animals in Greece, with a particular focus on street cats and dogs and working equines. Stray animals have always been a great issue for the Greek society. Tourists who come to Greece certainly observe animals laying on the sidewalks, starving in the middle of parks, in front of hotels, hospitals or shopping stores. Every summer, the organization receives numerous calls and e-mails from people on holiday in Greece telling them about animals they have come across that are in need of help or are in distress. Since they work with nearly 100 animal protection societies all over Greece, they are usually able to get someone out to take action for the animal quickly. To set their actions together, GAWF organizes conferences, demonstrations, meetings and educational programmes. There are also competitions among students and individuals with themes relating to animal protection. More info at Animal Action Greece