Foreign workers open up their own business

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In the recent years, a new phenomenon has made its appearance in Greece: a considerable number of the immigrants who have settled in Greece started to open up their own businesses.
To mention a few statistic facts, one third of Mykonos population comprises of immigrants engaged as construction workers, kitchen hands and assistant waiters. Albanians who came to the island decades ago have become an integral part of the community and some have even opened up cafes and taverns.
Out of the 1,850 residents of Amorgos, 200 Albanian and Egyptian migrants work in ports, hotels and construction. Here too, many have established themselves as cafe owners. Many migrants in other parts of Greece have taken up farming, while on Santorini, they have set up restaurants and book shops. The populace of the islands is increasing at a rapid rate with the influx of more and more migrants along with their families who arrive with them or join them later. The integration of new countries in the E.U. has opened the borders to many immigrants to come to Greece.