Five theatres to be reconstructed

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The reconstruction of five ancient theatres will start within 2010 with the contribution of Diazoma (meaning "frieze"), this society whose aim is to get the funds and reconstruct the ancient theatres all over Greece. It is planned that the reconstruction of 5 ancient theatres will start till the end of 2011 and Diazoma has already made great efforts to collect the necessary funds. The first to be reconstructed is the ancient theatre of Theves (Microtheves) close to Nea Anhialos, Volos. About 2,300 years old, this theatre was rescued by the efforts of NATO to establish oil tanks above it for the war in Irak. In the Roman times, gladiator fights would take place in this theatre of 3,000 seats. However, works for its full excavation and reconstruction have already started and it is estimated that the theatre will be ready by the end of 2011. But this is not the only theatre where works have started. A large part of the necessary funds have already been collected for the ancient theatre of Orhomenos in Arkadia Peloponnese, while the theatre of Makinia in Etoloakarnania, just opposite the impressive Rio-Antirrio Bridge that connects Peloponnese to Sterea, has been "adopted" by the employees of the bridge. Diazoma has also set action for the reconstruction of the famous Theatre of Dionysos, just beneath the Acropolis of Athens.