Find your Perfect Catch in Greece

• Category: News
Eight single men and women from all over the world are searching for their "perfect catch" in the Greek islands! Carmen Electra and two more critics are the hosts of this new show, that at the end of each episode, decide if the participants have made the right choice or not. The show has already been filmed in the most popular Greek islands, such as Mykonos, Santorini, Rhodes and Paros about one month ago. Six episodes of the show are filmed on these islands and the final has been shot in Athens. At the end, the judges decide if the participants have picked their "perfect catch" and the winner wins the amount of 50.000 US dollars and a participation to a fashion photo shoot. The show starts this Wednesday, November 4th, on the American channel E! and the Greek islands will be televised to thousands of people all over America, Europe and Australia. There couldn't really be a better advertisement for Greece and its sunny islands!