Extended hours for top sites and museums

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As announced few days ago by the Greek Ministry of Culture, the most important museums and archaeological sites in Greece will extend their hours of operation from April 1st until October 31st, 2014, that is during summer season. In particular, 33 top attractions and museums in the country will stay open to the public every day from 8 am until 8 pm. These 33 top sites and museums make 95% of visits to Greek historical places.

These longer hours of operation will be particularly appreciated by cruise ship visitors, whose tight time schedules frequently forced them in the past to miss some major museums or archaeological sites. This measure belongs to a series of initiatives that the Culture of Ministry is undertaking in order to ameliorate the traveling experience in Greece.

More initiatives are expected in the short future, including installation of wi-fi internet networks in ancient sites and museums, design of mobile virtual tour applications and the launch of e-ticketing for entrance in these top attractions. These initiatives come at a time when Greece is expecting over 18.5 million of tourists in 2014, which is a record number for the country.

Here is the complete list of attractions with the extended hours of operation from April 1st:

- in Athens: Acropolis Rock, Ancient Agora, Temple of Zeus, Temple of Poseidon at Cape Sounion, National Archaeological Museum and Byzantine Museum
- in Thessaloniki: White Tower Museum, Archaeological Museum and Museum of Byzantine Culture
- in Peloponnese: Archaeological Site of Epidaurus, Archaeological Site of Mycenae, Archaeological Site and Museum of Olympia, Ancient Corinth, Archaeological Site of Mystras
- in Delphi, central Greece: Archaeological Site and Museum
- in Vergina, northern Greece: Royal Tombs and Archaeological Museum
- in Delos island: Archaeological Site and Museum
- in Santorini: Minoan Site of Akrotiri
- in Rhodes: Acropolis of Lindos, Ancient Kameiros, Archaeological Museum, Palace of the Grand Master
- in Kos: Ancient Asklepieion and Medieval Castle
- in Crete: Minoan Site of Knossos, Minoan Site of Phaestos, Cave of Psychro, Spinalonga island, Archaeological Museum of Heraklion
- in Corfu: Old Fortress
- in Nafplion: Castle of Palamidi