Cycladic architecture could save the planet

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Scientists now say that Cycladic architecture could save the world! According to an alternative theory for the greenhouse effect, temperatures will get lower if we paint the planet white! This theory is supported by a Nomber awarded scientist, Dr Chu, that is also the Secretary of Energy in the present USA government. Secretary Chu said in a conference in London that if we all paint the terraces of our houses and the sidewalks white, the saving pollution would equalize to the disappearance of all cars of the world for 11 years! He supported that such a simple theory could not only restrict the consumption of electrical power, but it will also reflect the sun rays back in the space. Therefore, a white building, such as the houses in the Cyclades islands, will be cooler and will comsume 10-15% less for air-conditioning. The same goes for cars, as explained Secretary Chu. If all cars had bright colour, this would save a lot of energy out of air-conditioning use. It is also estimated that more than 44 billions tones of carbon dioxide would be saved in temperate and tropical regions if all houses and sidewalks in white or bright colours.