Conflicts have calmed down

• Category: News
The incidents that were shaking Athens and the major cities of Greece for the last four days seem to have calmed down. The conflictions between anti-authoritarians and the police forces gradually stopped last night, but they lefy behind many destructions. About 400 stores in the centre of Athens and some dictricts have been burnt down, while the same happened with banks, cars, public buildings and universities. The authorities are now trying to register the destructions and help people restore them.  However, today is also a difficult day for Greece. Strikes and marchings to the centre of Athens have been organized by many professional associations and political parties. Olympic Airways has cancelled all its scheduled flights, the Railway Association will have three work stoppages during the day, while the Metro and Buses are also participating in the strikes. The site of Acropolis is also closed today, due to strike of the Ministry of Culture employees.