Coming to Greece for tourism and…a plastic surgery!

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Hundreds of tourists visit our country every year, in order to take advantage of the cheap medical charges of plastic surgery and combine them with some days in the Greek islands. Medical reasons, as well as fashion industry create a new trend – the plastic surgery tourism –, the annual turn of which reaches more than 10 billion Euros worldwide. 
To this market boom are targeting the Greek plastic surgeons, based upon their good education and the relatively low prices. British women are among the best foreign clients of the Greek surgeons, visiting private cosmetic surgery clinics the whole year round. What mostly tempt the tourists are the medical charges, as they are about 40% cheaper in the Greek private clinics than in the British hospitals. 
Rhinoplasty, breast rectification, liposuction and facelift can, now, be combined with a walk in Acropolis or a Greek islands holiday.