Another piece of Parthenon back to Greece

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A symbolic gesture was decided by the Batican towards the New Musem of the Acropolis: a piece of the Parthenon frieze that was kept in the Museum of Batican for about two centuries was returned to Greece. The marble piece depicts a man's head and it was cut from the frieze in the destructive explosion of 1687, while the Venetian Morozini was besieging the Acropolis. This piece remained in the area of the Acropolis for about 150 years, when an English consul took it and gave it as a present to his wife, who in her turn donated it to Pope Gregory XVI in 1804. Yesterday, in a moving ceremony, the piece was returned to Greece and the New Museum of the Acropolis. This gesture is considered symbolic since this way the Batican supports the effort of Greece to get all the pieces of the Parthenon frieze back.