Angelopoulos dies in road accident

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Theodoros (Theo) Angelopoulos, one of the greatest Greek filmmakers, passed away yesterday, January, Tuesday 24th, after being hit by a motorcycle. Theodoros Angelopoulos was in Piraeus Athens for the shooting of his upcoming movie The Other Sea, the last part of a trilogy that started with The Weeping Meadow (2004) and continued with The Dust of Time (2009). While walking across a busy road, the 77-year-old director was hit by a motorbike, whose driver was also injured and hospitalized. Angelopoulos was taken to the hospital, where he was treated in an intensive care unit but succumbed to his serious injuries few hours later. Theodoros Angelopoulos was born in Athens, in April 27th, 1936. He studied film in Paris and returned to Greece in 1964 to work as a journalist and film critic, but soon he started working as a director. During a career that spanned for more than 40 years, Angelopoulos won numerous awards in world-esteemed festivals. In 1995, the Cannes Film Festival awarded him the Grand Jury Prize for the movie Ulysses' Gaze, while 3 years later, in 1998, he was awarded the Palme d' Or in the same festival for the film Eternity and a Day. His style distinguishes for the slow, dreamlike and ambiguous narrative structures and the long takes. The Travelling Players (1975), for example, consists of only 80 shots in about fours hours of film. His most famous films include: The Travelling Players, 1975 Alexander the Great, 1980 Voyage to Cythera, 1984 The Beekeeper, 1986 Landscape in the Midst, 1988 The Supsended Step of the Stork, 1991 Ulysses' Gaze, 1995 Eternity and a Day, 1998 The Weeping Meadow, 2004 The Dust of Time, 2009