365 Greek beaches with blue flag for 2015

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Hundreds of Greek beaches are once more worldwide recognized for their perfect bathing conditions and prudent management, offering to Greece the 3rd place among 50 countries with awarded beaches, according to the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE).

The international Blue Flag Program officially announced few days ago that 395 Greek beaches and 9 marinas are awarded the prestigious Blue Flag recognition for their excellent water conditions, efficient organization and environmental-friendly litter managing practices. Ranked first in blue flags for 2015 is the region of Lassithi in eastern Crete (44 flags), Halkidiki (39 flags), Chania in western Crete (29 flags), Rhodes (23 flags) and Heraklion Crete (17 flags).

The Blue Flag is one of the most popular and recognizable eco-label awarded to the best beaches across the world in terms of quality, cleanness and management.

It is a great success that Greece is the 3rd place in the world with the best and cleanest beaches, having met with all 32 strict criteria, including excellent seawater quality, organization of the swimming area, swimmer and visitor safety, and protection of natural wealth, among others.