Xanthi Carnival 2024

Mar 02, 2024 — Mar 18, 2024 • Category: Events

The carnival of Xanthi is a yearly phenomenon filled with festivities and fantastic, colorful costumes! This year’s carnival will start on the 2nd of March and finish after Sunday’s grand parade on Monday, March 18th, 2024!

On the day of the parade, residents and visitors of Xanthi gather around the city’s entrance to witness large groups of masqueraded people walking through the streets of Xanthi and celebrating the end of Pre-Lent season! The parade day of Xanthi is also known for The Burning of Tzaros, a hand-crafted human lookalike that gets burned down each year to give locals good luck and protect them from fleas! Also, after Carnival Sunday, Clean Monday is a day where last night’s party-goers relax and unwind in the village of Stavroupoli, with a handful of entertaining events still taking place.

In addition, lots of activities and happenings take place before the highly-anticipated day of the parade, including dances from local traditional dance groups, local food and wine tasting, stand-up comedy shows, and live music from famous acts! This year’s live shows include singer and fashionable persona Tonis Sfinos, four-piece band Alcatrash, and pop star Ivi Adamou! You can also book your spot in one of the available groups to participate in the carnival! This year’s participants and viewers will witness a plethora of costumes with themes of pop film culture, such as Barbie, Doctor Strange, and the duo of Joker and Harley Quinn, as well as children’s animated shows Spyro the Dragon and Bananas in Pyjamas!