River Party at Nestorio, Kastoria

Aug 03, 2016 — Aug 08, 2016 • Category: Events

Summertime in Greece is not only the best time to visit the infamous Greek islands; besides from sunbathing for endless hours under the glorious sun, the weather is perfect for the organization of big concerts and festivals, many of which have already been going on for several years. However, the most well-known one is the one of River Party; counting 38 years of history, the “Woodstock” of Greece -as it’s called- takes place every summer, usually in the beginning of August, in a paradoxically remote village near the borders of Greece, in Nestorio, Kastoria. So why bother take an 8-hour journey from Athens just for a festival?

# The line-up

And what a line-up that is. River Party has hosted over the years the majority of all celebrated Greek solo artists and bands -but not only. The international appeal of River Party is constantly growing, bringing to the stage of Nestorio names such as James, Thievery Corporation and Nouvelle Vague! Each year the line-up is updated with the hottest new names of the Greek music scene and the production team makes sure that well-known bands will pay a visit to the greatest Greek festival to date. This year the line up includes: Villagers of Ioaninna City, Giannis Agkelakas, Sokratis Malamas, Thanassis Papakonstantinou, Matoula Zamani, Giannis Haroulis, Onirama, Ble, Melisses, the internationally famous band Kadebostany and many more.
Cool info: after the end of the concert don’t miss out on the late night dj sets that go on until the sun comes up!

# The scenery

The location of River Party is one of its greatest appeals; set by the bank of river Aliakmonas (hence the name), the area offers a wide range of different camping sites, as well as specially designed areas for all kinds of group activities. Whether you choose to spend all day by the river plaza (yes you can swim and dive into the crystal clear waters) or just want to relax under the trees sipping a refreshment, you can enjoy a variety of spaces; Paradeisos (the greek word for Paradise) with it’s beautiful, quiet shore and Vrahakia (the rocks) offering a spectacular view over the river (ideal for watching the concert from a height, too) are among the most favorite places. Yet there is some much more to explore, as the forest area is perfect for hiking -prepare for campfires and late night barbeque sessions, too!

# The atmosphere

Whether a regular or an one-time River goer, everyone will agree on the same thing; the atmosphere of River Party cannot be forgotten or compared to any other. What makes this festival so loved is not only the uplifting line-up or the hours spent enjoying beers under the cool shade of the old plane trees; it’s the spirit of people who come together to unite, exchange ideas, share moments, sing along. Over the years, River Party has evolved to more than just a festival; it’s not only an excuse to celebrate music but also a chance to enjoy an alternative lifestyle and holidays, love and respect nature, create a different mindset. Whether by being part of the crowd feeling the vibes of some incredible live music or simply by enjoying great food and the company of old and new friends, the time passed by this special river is to be remembered.
For more information, please visit the official website: www.riverparty.net