Philippi Festival 2024

Jul 07, 2024 — Sep 07, 2024 • Category: Events

The second oldest festival of Greece after the Athens and Epidaurus Festival, the Philippi Festival has been an annual tradition since 1957, bringing life to the Ancient Theater of Philippi and showcasing Kavala’s history, traditions and culture. The 67th installment of the festival is set to take place between July 7th and September 7th, 2024, featuring performances of classic and brand-new productions, with the main theme being “A Meeting with the Sun”.

Taking after the homonymous collection of poems “A Meeting with the Sun”, written by Vasilis Vasilikos, this year’s Philippi Festival is dedicated to his memory. The world-renowned and much-acclaimed author was born in Kavala on November 18th, 1934. Throughout his career, he wrote countless books, penned the scripts for many plays and worked on various film productions. His work continues to resonate to this day, his sharp political takes and unabashed social commentary making him one of the top ten most translated Greek authors of all time.

The Philippi Festival will put on 6 completely new theatrical productions that will pay homage to the works of Vasilis Vasilikos, either by being directly based on them or by touching on the same topics that they did, acting more as companion pieces. Other performances include two atmospheric concerts, thirteen productions of classic works, including those of Shakespeare and Oscar Wilde and the presentation of the experimental laboratory of ancient drama.

A former mosque, an abandoned pumping station, an ancient fortress, a ruined factory and of course the archaeological site of Philippi will all serve as the stages for this year’s performances. With a combination of the old and the new, the traditional and the experimental, the 67th Philippi Festival aims to provide yet another enthralling and original experience, aspiring to reach unprecedented heights and achieve its own “Meeting with the Sun”.