Philippi Festival 2023

Jul 01, 2023 — Aug 30, 2023 • Category: Events

Philippi Festival, the second oldest festival in Greece (only after the Festival of Epidaurus), first took place in 1957 in the Ancient theater of Philippi. From 1961 up until 1983, the then newly found National Theater of Northern Greece had its high-class theatrical shows in the theater. From 1984 to 2009, the municipality of Kavala took charge of the festival, making it an annual host to revered theatrical productions around the country. Since 2009, and with the arrival of Thodoris Gonis, the Philippi festival has been a two-month-long happening.

Taking place in the summertime, usually during July and August, Philippi Festival is hosted in Kavala. More specifically, the main event hosts are the Ancient Theater of Philippi and the Fortress (Acropolis) of Kavala. Events are also held at Halil Bey mosque, the Pipinou square, the Shipyard/Carnage of Kavala, the front yard of the 7th Primary School of Kavala, the gardens of Mohammed Ali museum, and the Custom of Kavala.

Gathering thousands of visitors each year, everyone can watch a wide variety of ancient tragedy and comedy plays, as well as contemporary theatre. Furthermore, concerts, orchestral music shows, dance groups & performance art, poetry nights, and many art exhibitions are part of the festival's schedule, with several presented throughout the years!