Olympus Marathon 2024

Jun 28, 2024 — Jun 30, 2024 • Category: Events

Olympus Marathon is an international mountain running event -one of the major races of its kind in the whole world, in fact- that takes place annually on Mount Olympus, the mythical abode of the ancient Greek gods.

The route is intended to revive the sacred trail ancient Greeks followed each year when they climbed up the mountain in order to honor Zeus and offer him sacrifices. The race starts exactly on the ancient route, from the ruins of the sacred city of Dion, which is one of the most significant archaeological sites in Greece today. Boasting a wonderfully rich flora and fauna, Olympus has been declared a National Park and is listed as a World Natural Heritage Monument by UNESCO.

This year, the event is to take place on June 28-30 and includes a number of races: Olympus Marathon (44km), Olympus Ultra (71km), Olympus Vertical (4.25km), Eagles Ridge (12.5km) and Melindra Trail (5km). Olympus Marathon, the main race, starts from the Archaeological Park of Dion at almost zero altitude and, through lush vegetation and verdant forests, goes all the way up to the Muses Plateau. Then, it goes on to the highest point at 2780 meters, passing just below the so-called Throne of Zeus, one of the highest and steepest peaks. Crossing the eastern side of Olympus and offering breathtaking views, it is completed in Litochoro town. If you choose the Olympus Ultra race, you are sure to pass through points of exquisite natural beauty, such as Barbala Peak, which provides a fantastic view of the mountain’s northern face, especially in the early hours of the morning, Skolio, the second highest peak, and Enipeas Canyon, where you will have the chance to run along the crystal clear waters of the river. As for the Vertical race, it may be short, but there is a positive difference in altitude, which is around 1,000 meters at the start.

Registration has begun and will close on May 31, 2024.