Endorphin Festival

Jul 22, 2016 — Jul 23, 2016 • Category: Events

Are you into electronic music? Then the best outdoor festival is here for you!
The greatest underground artists within the greatest landscape are coming for a consecutive year in 2016 to immerse you into the world of hard beats and heart-shaking rhythm in the middle of lush greenery.
Musicians, djs, music producers and music maniacs will be gathered again in the exotic location of Chani Chatzigogou in the 65th km of the highway connecting Larisa with Kozani in northern Greece. As the name suggests, the festival has taken its name after the substance “endorphin” which is released in the body and causes a feeling of bliss. The dance, the loud music and the majestic scenery certainly contribute to this feeling.
The festival will be held from the 22nd until the 23rd of July in the beautiful forest of Chani on the foot of Mount Olympus while the main stage will be under the characteristic bridge of the area. Those, interesting in attending the festival are free to camp with their own equipment in any suitable area of the forest while facilities such as a W.C, a dining area and water supplies are available.
This festival first started in 2007 as a D.I.Y festival in cooperation with local volunteers but ended up getting established as one of the most fun and exotic festivals in Greece.