Athens & Epidaurus Festival

Jan 01, 1970 — Jan 01, 1970 • Category: Events

The Athens & Epidaurus Festival is mainly a joint festival that takes place every year and has a long tradition of bringing very famous and big artists from Greece and all over the world.
From the Peking Opera to Maria Callas and to Bunraku puppet theatre, those two combined events offer a unique experience to the audience to enjoy and have a unique arts experience in the alive city of Athens and the ancient area of Epidaurus.
The Athens Festival hosts a lot of theater performances, music and dance without losing its traditional character that makes it hold a tremendous importance to the history of Athenian Culture.
The Epidaurus Festival starts in 1938 with an amazing performance of the Sophoclean tragedy “Electra” and since then, it has not ceased to promote the Greek mystagogy and to create an ancient ambience, by reviving the big works of the Greek tradition.
The dates and detailed programme for the 2016 festival have not been released yet but more information can be found here: