Mar 18, 2024 — Mar 18, 2024 • Category: Events

One of the most fun traditions to say goodbye to the carnival season takes place in Galaxidi, a coastal town close to Delphi. Every Clean Monday, the alevromoutzouroma (literally meaning flour war) takes place in the beautiful village. It is a tradition that dates way back but took its final form almost two centuries ago.

The custom is quite simple, yet extremely fun! The municipality distributes flour to the participants, who are equipped with protective suits, hats/caps, and goggles. The intense colors of the ceremony are given by the fumos (i.e. fumes), which are also used as ammunition.
The municipality, police, and coastyard delineate the area where the flour war takes place. The event usually starts at Mamas Square and reaches the pier.
All people within the lines are open to throw and get thrown flour! Those who don't want to participate but only watch the tradition can stand at the Green Zone, an area on the opposite side of the pier.

If you are thinking about partaking in the alevromoutzouroma, we advise you to only attempt it with proper attire if you don’t want to spend days getting the flour out from everywhere!