AegeanDocs International Documentary Film Festival

Sep 24, 2016 — Sep 29, 2016 • Category: Events

From September 24 to September 29, a very interesting festival that wishes to promote great documentaries that mainly focus on historical, political and social matters is going to take place in the North Aegean Region.This festival is not only interested in widely known Western documentaries and films, but also in lesser known ones from all over the world. Notably, about 50 documentaries and films are going to be screened and several captivating seminars will be conducted by the “University of the Aegean” during this festival.
Moreover, bear in mind that you will have the opportunity to watch documentaries created by acclaimed artists as well as documentaries created by talented amateurs. This fascinating festival is going to be held on Lesvos island and many screenings and events are going to be simultaneously broadcasted on other islands belonging to the North Aegean Region.
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