EKO Acropolis Rally 2024

Sep 05, 2024 — Sep 08, 2024 • Category: Events

One of the most entertaining racing tournaments ever, the 52nd WRC Rally will be stopping by central Greece for the world-renowned EKO Acropolis Rally from the 5th to the 8th of September, 2024!

WRC (World Rally Championship) is a famed off-road racing event that tours the globe every year, hosting dirt, asphalt, and snow races in countries such as Sweden, Italy, Monte Carlo, Chile, and Japan, amongst others! An integral part of the tournament, the Acropolis Rally consists of a dirt race taking place in various spots around central Greece, most notably the regions of Attica, Phthiotis, Phocis, and Corinthia!

This year, the Acropolis Rally will feature a mini-documentary series celebrating the 70th anniversary of the Acropolis Rally. The documentary will be a total of four episodes, each lasting for about 45 minutes, that take a deep dive into the race’s historical background and the event’s highlights as seen from the perception of the crowd, the racers, and the race hosts!