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seagatefree aka Youssef Amaaou
Italy, Milan

42 years old

About me
- In three words I am: open to anything.
- Where I'd like to live: somewhere different every year.
- What in my life I feel most grateful: having a good health.
- My favourite person in the universe is: my mother & father.
- My least favourite person in the universe is: She knows.
- My idea of perfect happiness: walking through a city for the first time not knowing what is around the next corner.
- The trait I most deplore in a man: irresponsability.
- The traits I most deplore in a woman: a fatal mixture of creative mess-making and stone-cold idiocy.
- The trait I most admire in a man: loyalty.
- The traits I most admire in a woman: Tenderness, natureness and frankness in friendship.
- The trait I most deplore in myself: sometimes unability to decide when I have too much to choose from.
- What I dislike most about my appearance: the hair beginning to disappear at my crown.
- What I consider my greatest achievement: maintaining 4 perfect longtime friendships.
- If I'd go back in time I'd set the clocks for: 1492, Granada. Spain.
- My greatest fear: having nothing to do.
- The last time I looked in the mirror I thought: not bad.
- If I had to leave a body part to science, it would be: my lungs.
- My motto: The 3 "R"s: Respect for yourself, Respect for the others and Responsibility for all your actions. Always!
- Favourite hero in real life: Noam Chomsky
- Favourite hero of fiction: Lord Henry Wotton
- My definition of love: harmony.
- The greatest lesson Life has thought me so far is: we fool ourselves so much we could do it for a living.
- How I would like to die: a better man than I am, and much beloved.
- I want my tombstone to read: I had such friends.

Greece. My first encounter with this place was like finding my Great Interest; It was like a key turning into a lock, it was like falling in love for the fist time... Been to Crete in summer 2006 and it was great, and to Amorgos the following one. This magic island was beyond all my expectations, a real piece of emerald. Now, I Will vacation there every summer God makes; drink of all that sun, of all that blue..

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Amorgos, Heraklion, Kos, Santorini

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