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About me

If I had 100 lives, 99 I would spend in Greece (and still it wouldn't be enough to see everything)... It is not only the beauty of the place, but also its history, culture, tradition, and, above all, the dignity of the Greek people and the way they love their country.

When I photographed something, I tried not only to take nice shots, but to capture the magic of the places, the soul and the spirit that people imprint in a place, in things they create, in spaces where they live. It's not the picture, but what it shows. And I put love in every picture, love for what I was looking at. And that says everything about my relationship with Greece (which actually started when I was 10 years old with a picture - of a house in Greece...).

All the best to the Greeks from everywhere and to all of you on!

My interests

My interests related to Greece? Everything: from the Minoan culture to everyday life. I like even the Greek toilet paper (which is a lot better than the English one) :). The mountain tea, louisa tea, melissa tea, the Greek coffee (especially the Cretan one: Afanasaki - the best in the world), the Karteraki Cretan tea, retsina from Halkidiki, the wild herbs served as a salad and called 'horta', 'vlita' and 'agria'. And the Mount Holomonta range of tea (white tea with saffron and green tea with real mastika from Chios - divine!).

Apart from that, I like the old Cretan music; and contemporary music as well; rembetika is my favourite style.

Novels related to Greece: Henry Miller 'The Colossus of Maroussi' - that's how I understood why I loved Greece and the Greeks so much. Louis de Bernieres 'Birds Without Wings' and 'Captain Corelli's Mandolin' to which the film doesn't make any justice. Jeffrey Eugenides 'Middlesex', Victoria Hislop 'The Thread' and 'The Island'. Bruce Clark 'Twice a Stranger. The mass expulsions that forged modern Greece and Turkey'. And many others... They're all amazing books.

But my main interest is the Minoan culture. Which survived in the Cycladic islands.

Oh, and I think that in a previous life I must have been a Greek cat. And one day, out of curiosity, I must have climbed on a foreign ship and ended up in a country far away from Greece. Now, I am trying, somehow, to return to it. Not as a cat, obviously.

I've been in...

Andros, Athens, Chania, Halkidiki, Heraklion, Rethymno, Tinos

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