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alanken aka Alan Kenworthy
United Kingdom, Heywood

76 years old

About me

Retired Cheshire cop, now 72, I guess I am a has-been, always talking in the past tense eg , I was, used to, I have been there, done that, but I  still have plans to sail again when I get over the cash shortage caused by this recession, and sell up and downsize.

Hobbies: reading history, pop guitaring, sailing when I can,  and helping  Janet to  keep three horses going (someone has to muck out in winter).We both love racing, especially the  National Hunt.We once owned a pet  horse called Clifford T Ward trained by Ginger McCain, and the horse ran in Red Rum's colours!

We tried caravanning for five arctic days in Snowdonia , and that was enough. Never again. I stick to sailing in the Med.

Sold my  lovely wooden 8m East Anglian  sloop in  March 2014. Then in April  bought a nice old Westerly Windrush,  8m sloop in  Tranquil Bay, sailedit  up to Corfu through  nasty weather against the wind. visiting Lefkada town (stormy), Prevesa (stormy), Fanari Bay , river Acheron (windy!) Parga   (windy) Paxos (windy), Petriti (  calm till midday then very windy approaching Benitses and Corfu Castle anchorage.Wanderwide is now in Benitses for the winter. Will be back there in April May 2015.

My interests

Guitaring._ very keen on Tommy Emmanuel, Joe Satriani, and others. My nephew Jack Kenworthy is a talented singer, pianist and composer aged 20,( see his music on Youtube and Facebook, his band is now called OSCA) .Favourite musician is  still Clifford T Ward, also Al Hodge guitarist from Bodmin,  and Josh Groban, I also like  all good singers, like Adele, Jeff Buckley.  And  Ennio Morricone hits the right notes too!

Novels: Carl Hiaasen, Michael Donnelly, Grisham, and similar, I prefer the American writers.

I am a Classicist( Leeds UNiv)  and still interested in Greek history after a busy life fighting crime, but see myself as an allrounder, played more football and run more than anyone .I am convinced that Greek  history has to take the Santorini explosion as its main event, the Atlantis legend is only about that, and that Odysseus sailed from Troy to the Ionians and no further west, and that the Oera Linda book is genuine and not a fake.

Have visited Athens, the Aegian islands to Rhodes on a yacht, Crete, the Ionians, The Peloponnese, Gulf of Corinth, Chalcis,  Thasos, and based a big ferro ketch in Mandraki, Corfu,  Prevesa and Leukas  before I sold it in 2005  Recently  had a share in a yacht in the Saronic, based in Galatas.

Have recently owned  smaller yachts: Telstar trimaran, Fairey Atalanta, Ballerina II,Thompson T27 ,and a Signet 20 which I sailed solo from Nice to Amalfi via the Pontines before storms proved a bit too much (20007,---scary!)

I have some  scepticism about modern Greek politics, having lived in Greece for a few months, during the Balkans war, and also  just read Eleni by Nicholas Gage. The ELAS fighter portrayed in Captain Corelli was modified for the film made in Cephallonia, at Greek insistence so that the the disgraceful atrocities of the  communist war after 1945 are kept quiet.  Outrageous!  Greece is far from perfect and although our glorious sole allies early  in the war, and lovely hosts to tourists now , they remain  flawed, even  if no longer floored.
When the EU falls apart I would like Britain to make an immediate special relationship with Greece, which should never have joined the EU. Greece has plenty of offshore oil and could be a rich independent country .

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