Diros Cave - 3D (cross eye - single camera)


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Jan 27, 2010

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Location: Gythio

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The cave of Diros, part of an underground river, is located approximately 12 miles south of Areopolis, Lakonia, Greece. It is said to be the most beautiful lake cave in the world. The visit is along 1200m by boat and the return is on foot.

For best viewing and comfort please switch to the full screen mode.

Technical notes:
I used a single ordinary video camera but I edited the video for three-dimentional viewing - as far as I could search YouTube, this is the first 3D real world video done with a single simple camera. The 3D effect is produced using the cross-eye technique. Basicly, you should cross your eyes so as to see a third full image in the middle and then focus on that third image. Make sure both the screen and your eyes are horizontal and the screen is straight in front of you. If you are not familiar, you may need a few minutes of training. Then it will be as natural as normal vision. For more technical details and information search the internet for \"cross eye\" or \"cross eyed\" 3D viewing method.

WARNING: The current optometrist view is that cross-eyed viewing does not harm the eyes; it is rather a good exercise for the eye muscles. But it may cause fatigue and strain, even when you have mastered the technique. Please view responsibly.

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designmama wrote on Jan 13, 2011

wow!!!! great!
I saw the 3D window, but it was not easy most time.
I lose image everytime change the receipt and I had to try from the beginning.But I saw some very nice bright images!
I enjoy it very much....now I'm little dizzy! hah!

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