Saving Aliakmonas River

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The Prefecture of West Macedonia and the four Prefectorial Self-Administrations of Kozani, Kastoria, Grevena and Florina cooperate for a Livable Aliakmonas River. Two days ago, their representatives met in Kozani and signed a common declaration for the management of the up-flow watershed of Greeces largest river. The intention is to affront the causes of the water's quality falloff and to accent the ecological and cultural value of the riverside area. Aliakmonas River, 297 km long and with a watershed of 9,210, is a source of life and development for the greater area, since the greatest energy centre of Greece, the water supply of Thessaloniki city, the irrigation of Central West Macedonia and the ecotourism development of 4 prefectures depend on its water. Today, its quality tends to get worse with the bigger problems coming mainly from agriculture. The work of the complete management and protection of Aliakmonas River constitutes also abidance to the European and national institutional frame. It includes observation of the water condition, recording of problems etc, while the construction of 10 biological stations along the river will be submitted to the National Strategic Development Plan.