PIC-NIC urban festival 2019

Aug 01, 2019 — Aug 31, 2019 • Category: Events

Pic-nic, music, and cinema. No need to go a long way!
Take part in an urban festival that invites city’s residents and visitors in the Roman Forum of Thessaloniki in order to have a picnic, listen to music and watch films inside one of the most important archaeological sites in the city. 
The aim of PIC-NIC Urban Festival is to redefine the relationship of modern cities and their inhabitants, with the archaeological sites that lay on the urban fabric. Throughout the years that followed, the festival not only evolved to a reference point for the cultural life of Thessaloniki but posed the question of “socialization” of various archaeological sites around Greece.
The festival takes place at the end of August, and each day includes live music, screenings of short films, and one featured film per day, on the specially installed screen of PIC-NIC Urban Festival.
Take part to the most special picnic in history!