Photos of the Balkans in Rotonda

May 28, 2010 — Jul 31, 2010 • Category: Events
One of the most historical monuments of Thessaloniki, Rotonda, opens its gates to host a photography exhibition. The photos date from the early 20th century and the theme of the exhibition is From Vosporos to Adriatica- French photographers discover the monuments of the Balkans. These 180 black and white photos were shot from 1878 till 1914 and depict ancient momunents, open markets, muslim mosques, churches and people in Greece, Turkey, Albania, Kroatia, Montenegro, Boulgaria and other countries of the Balkans. The photos cover five historical periods of these countries of South Eastern Europe. The first period covers monuments of the antiquity, the second refers to Byzantine sites, the third is related to the Venetian architecture along the Dalmatian coasts, the fourth is dominated by the sense of the Orient and the fifth period treats the concept of the town. "This exhibition shows the strength of photography to stamp aspects of life that have now been lost", stressed Mr Vangelis Ioakimedes, the director of the Museum of Photography in Thessaloniki. The exhibition will be inaugurated on Friday May 28th and it will last till July 31st. Later on, it may travel to other countries of the Balkans.