Forest Festival 2023

May 26, 2023 — Sep 22, 2023 • Category: Events

The Forest (Dassous) Festival is organized by the National Theater of Northern Greece for the ninth year in 2023. Guests will have the chance to watch a wide variety of theatrical plays, concerts and performances, starting from May 31st and until September 22nd.

Established in 1961, the National Theater of Northern Greece is one of Greece’s most important cultural pillars and promoter of theater and art. It hosts an array of events every year, catering to both adults and children and also operates a drama school.

The festival takes place in Thessaloniki, and five venues host all the interesting events - the Forest (Dassous) Theater, the Lazaristes Monastery Theater, the Earth (Gis) Theater, the Theater of the Society for Macedonian Studies and the Royal (Vassiliko) Theater. The program includes plays, many of which are based on works from Euripides, Aristophanes and other ancient Greeks, as well as modern stories and inspirations. Additionally, music performances by some of the most prominent and well-known artists of the Greek music scene come to complete the festival’s schedule.

Around the same time, from May 26th to June 15th, guests will also have the opportunity to attend the 5th International Forest Festival. During that time, performances by international theatrical scenes, workshops, discussions and other events will take place at the same venues, ideal for guests from all over the world.

Tickets for each performance have to be bought separately, either online or physically, from the National Theater of Northern Greece.