Dali Cybernetics SKG

Apr 26, 2024 — May 31, 2024 • Category: Events

Salavador Dali is widely regarded as one of the most iconic figures of the Surrealist movement; however, his deep-rooted interest in cybernetics, quantum physics and biology has received less attention. Held between April 26 and May 31, the Dali Cybernetics SKG exhibition is a mind-blowing immersive experience into the artist’s universe and offers a completely new perspective into some of his most emblematic works.

Dali believed that, in order for painting to survive as an art form, it should incorporate the use of computers. To him, computers were the future, and he predicted a time when machines would have the ability to think by themselves and even create art. Using AI, this innovative experience illustrates the way quantum physics, the fourth dimension, sacred geometry, and even DNA sequencing are interpreted in Dali’s art.

In this exhibition, you can travel into the mind of a genius through a series of 3D projections on screens with a surface area of 400 square meters, where art and technology are combined. Embark on Dali’s dream ship and travel through his artistic worlds in a unique virtual reality experience or engage in an interactive game showing digitalized motifs that are often repeated in his works. Discover the artist within you by painting some of Dali’s favorite motifs and have your creations exhibited on the hall’s walls, or watch a fascinating documentary about his daily life in New York in 1965.

This memorable exhibition will be hosted in Warehouse C, in an area with a strong artistic flair in the port of Thessaloniki. It is very easy to find as it stands next to the Experimental Arts Center and opposite the Museum of Photography.