Alexander the Great International Marathon 2023

Apr 30, 2023 — Apr 30, 2023 • Category: Events

In 490 BC, a soldier named Phedippides ran from the area of Marathonas to Athens to announce the victory of the Greeks in the Battle of Marathon. After running non-stop for 240 kilometers, he screamed "we have won!" and died. Nowadays, the marathon run race is a global sport with dozens of marathons organized every year across the world and thousands of participants. 

"Alexander the Great" International Marathon is one of them. The race starts in Pella and ends in Thessaloniki. Pella was the capital of ancient Macedonia and the birthplace of Alexander the Great, one of the most influential commanders in history. On the other hand, Thessaloniki is like the capital of Northern Greece.

The distance between the two is approximately 42 kilometers and the route is considered low difficulty. That is due to the minor altitude fluctuations and the long straight street that runners cross for a long time. 

The institution's goal is to promote the history of Macedonia but also motivate people to run in the race and experience the joy of participating in a sporting event.

The 17th International Marathon "Alexander the Great" will take place on 30th April 2023.