Travel to Thessaloniki by bus

Thessaloniki can be easily reached by bus from Athens and the largest towns in Greece. There are daily and very frequent buses from Athens to Thessaloniki and the trip lasts about 6 hours. Buses depart from Kifissos Bus Station in Athens (Bus 051 Omonoia-Kifissos and Bus X93 Athens Airport-Kifissos).

From other towns of Greece, there are either daily or day after day itineraries to Thessaloniki. If there is no direct itinerary, then you can go via Athens or another large close town.

Buses in Thessaloniki arrive in Macedonia KTEL Bus Station, about 5 km west of the city center and well connected to the center by urban buses and taxis.

Travel to Thessaloniki by car

Thessaloniki is connected to the rest of Greece with two large road networks: the National Highway Athens-Thessaloniki and the Egnatia Odos Igoumenitsa-Thessaloniki-Alexandroupoli. The road trip from Athens to Thessaloniki is 5 hours and the road trip from Igoumenitsa to Thessaloniki is 3 hours.