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Nea Skioni village Halkidiki: According to Thucydides, Skioni was built by the Peloponnesian Pelleneans, on their way back from the war of Troy, was later colonised by Euboeans and, during the Peloponnesian Wars, it was taken by the Spartians. The Athenians reconquered it, destroyed it and killed all its inhabitants.

Nea Skioni was established after 1930, by the inhabitants of the inland village of Tsaprani, which ruins can still be seen. It is located 78 km south west of Poligiris, the capital of Halkidiki. It is a traditional fishing village gifted with rare natural beauty.

The harbour of Nea Skioni is one of the largest of the peninsula surrounded by long golden beaches and lovely seaside taverns. The area offers numerous hotels, shops, bars and all the other tourist facilities as well as some interesting sites such as the Church of the Holy Trinity and the Church of the Virgin Mary Faneromeni (2 km from the village), adorned with 16th century beautiful frescoes.

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