Tour to Pella and Vergina

Active: Mar 30, 2020 - Oct 31, 2021
Duration: 11 hours
Depart: Halkidiki
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General Description

This tour includes a visit to two of the must-see historical places of the North Greece.
The trip begins with our departure for Pella, the land where Alexander the Great was born. In Pella, we will firstly visit the archaeological site and museum, which hosts exhibits of major historical significance, excavators have discovered unique archaeology findings.
Our next stop is Vergina, the ancient capital of the Macedonian Kingdom that hosts one of the best museums in Greece. We visit the museum of Vergina which houses the royal tomb of King Philip the 2nd, Alexander the Great’s father, the famous Vergina Sun and several golden art pieces of incredible beauty and value to name but a few. After visiting the museum, we will have a lunch break and then we will take the road back to your hotel.

Entrance fees to the museums are not included (8 and 12 euro per person).

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