Scuba diving experience

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Duration: Half a Day
Depart: Halkidiki
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If you are in love with how the sea looks from the surface, then its the underwater world that will definitely captivate you. Wonder how is it possible to live this experience? With scuba diving of course! We will bring you in contact with a team of experienced diving trainers who will provide you with all the necessary information as well as teach you the secrets of diving. You will only have to adhere to the instructions given and that’s that: the underwater world of Greece is waiting for you to explore it! Beginner divers or those who don’t want to bring their own equipment should not worry as the local scuba centers have all the necessary equipment to provide you with. If you already have your own equipment, then you are allowed to take it with you. In case you are an experienced diver don’t forget to hold your certification and your logbook. Are you ready for this unforgettable experience?

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