Halkidiki Polychrono Lake

Location: Polychrono

The Lake of Polychrono in Halkidiki: Situated on the west side of Kassandra, in Halkidiki, Polychrono is very popular with tourists. Providing a long sandy beach with emerald waters, Polychrono is also famous for its small lake. This picturesque lake is surrounded by pine trees and can be easily accessed by car or even by bus, which runs every hour from Halkidiki bus station in Thessaloniki.

Polychrono is also a nature reserve for a kind of water turtles, the Testudinata Turtles, which are a major draw for tourists. A true delight for nature and wildlife enthusiasts, the lake is extremely beautiful and has been preserved with utmost care. Providing a safe home for their prized Testudinata Turtles, the lake in Polychrono is quite remarkable and brings you much closer to nature.

Map Of Polychrono Lake

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