Halkidiki Local products

The fertile land and great climate of Halkidiki is ideal for the production of olive oil and other products. The excellent taste and quality of olive oil have made it the main ingredient of the Mediterranean diet. It can be used in all dishes, salads, and sweets offering a unique culinary experience.

The rich vegetation and the strong agricultural tradition of Halkidiki is the key to the huge availability of dairy products. The cheese made from goat milk is one of the best products with great taste. Halkidiki produces huge amounts of honey every year. The rich fauna of Kassandra and Sithonia constitute the best natural environment for the production of honey, preserving this long tradition which began thousands of years ago.

From one end to the other, Halkidiki cultivates fruits which are the main ingredient for making spoon sweets. Continuing the long tradition, women specialize in the creation of handmade deserts which are known for their excellent quality and taste. Among them are the traditional jams.

The weavers of Halkidiki make traditional embroideries using the wooden loom, an ancient tool for the art of weaving. The handmade works of folklore art are carried out in excellence and substantially contribute to the economy of Halkidiki.