Kassandra Festival 2023

Jul 15, 2023 — Aug 26, 2023 • Category: Events

Every year, the festival of Kassandra is the reason hundreds of people swarm in Halkidiki to watch these interesting performances, prepared with the highest quality in mind, becoming a meeting point for all art and culture lovers.

Founded in 1993, the Festival of Kassandra constitutes one of the most important cultural events in Northern Greece. It takes place in the Kassandra area of Halkidiki, specifically in the Siviris amphitheater, hidden in the lush nature, with a capacity of 3500 seats. It lasts for about two months, starting in July and ending in late August, but the exact dates are subject to change each year.

The festival includes many types of cultural performances, such as music, theater, dance and art exhibitions, among others. Throughout the years, it has hosted renowned musicians, both international and Greek, like Ray Charles, BB King, James Brown, Mikis Theodorakis and Maria Farantouri, to name just a few. In addition, many theater troupes, such as the National Theatre of Greece, present various plays by famous directors and actors.  

Note: The dates are indicative. Please visit the institution's website to stay updated about the festival!