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Vourvourou beach Halkidiki: The small beach of Vourvourou is wedged between the villages of Ormos Panagia and Sarti, on the eastern side of Sithonia peninsula, 51 km south east of Poligiros, the capital of Halkidiki. The area around Vourvourou is quite remarkable with tiny rock islands, sea caves and coniferous forests.

Vourvourou is one of the best sandy beaches which are ideal for the families with shallow waters and nice facilities. It is a popular spot for water sports and tourists can rent surf boards, water bikes, and sail boats from the sports center at the beach. Visitors have the opportunity to take a boat ride to Diaporos, the largest of the nine islands across the bay of Vourvourou, and visit the tiny coves with golden sands.

Close to Vourvourou is a fishing village where visitors can get fresh fish at the small taverns there. The nearby Mount Itamos offers some splendid walking trails and a panoramic view of the Vourvourou bay.

Hotels in Vourvourou

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Karra Studios

Apartments Studios3 keys
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A family hotel resort which is located in front of the sea, in Vourvourou, in Sithonia of Halkidiki. It is ideal for quiet, comfortable, and relaxing family holidays. If you prefer to enjoy unforgettable, idyllic holidays, you should visit the estate of Anna Karra situated on the beach of Vourvourou. This complex is completely renovated with materials friendly to the environment and people as well and carefully designed. It is consisted of 10 apartments with a view of the sea and the garden full of olive trees, pine trees, and colorful flowers.

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Hotels Suites Junior Suites4 stars
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Some of the most amazing beaches of entire Halkidiki, featuring crystalline, emerald waters and soft, golden sand, are scattered in the area of Vourvourou. In this ideal spot, Ekies all Senses Resort can be found. It can guarantee a dreamlike vacation experience within its premises. The stylish and spacious rooms and suites have a high aesthetic appeal along with all the vital amenities. A spa center, a beach bar and three different restaurants are some of the available facilities of Ekies all Senses Resort.

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Five Senses Villas

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Welcome to Five Senses Villas. Visit us to meet beautiful Vourvourou and experience unique moments. Be fascinated by the amazing combination of green and blue of the surrounding landscape. Enjoy the crystal sea and the view of Mount Athos.

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Reviews of Vourvourou, Halkidiki

4 Reviews
  • akr 05 Nov 2009
    Great natural colours
    On my trip to Halkidiki, I was invited to stay at a friend of mine in a village called Vourvourou. It is located at the second peninsula of Halkidiki, called Sithonia. This place combines perfect the mountain above the village with the bushy trees and the blue green, magnificent water of the beach. Between these two... the houses, small, traditional, with red housetops. The beach is one of the best I've ever seen, with great color and clean water. There are 9 tiny isles, visible from the shore. For those who prefer the mountain, you can always walk through the trees and get to the top easily, for an enchanting view of the bay below. In Vourvourou, you will find a small settlement of fishermen. Old houses mostly, that fishermen use to live there still, but you can buy some fresh fish, visiting the area. All in all, beautiful environment, but only for those that like their vacation to be relaxing.
  • elisaty 27 Jul 2009
    No sights or extra services
    The car trip to Halkidiki was pleasant and easy, although border crossing to Greece could be better organized, like a separate lane for EU citizens.
    The region was lovely, we stayed in Vourvourou in a family hotel and the owner was very kind. Beaches in Halkidikiare good for families with little children, in general the area is nice for families mostly and not for young people.
    No sightseeing possibilities whatsoever in Halkidiki, except for a boat trip we took to Mount Athos from Ouranoupolis. Athos was a very beautiful region, it is a shame that we can't enter it but I guess otherwise it wouldn't be so beautiful.
    Food was fine in Vourvourou, but service was a bit low. In two taverns, we waited for 40 minutes to get our dishes and in another we waited for 20 minutes to get the bill! There was a lot of people, yes, but I think waiters should be faster.
    Don't expect any extra services or sightseeing on Halkidiki, the sea is beautiful but that is the end of it. It is nice only for swimming and visiting villages.
  • chelsea34 28 Apr 2009
    Easy and pleasant place
    Easy, wonderful and pleasant Halkidiki...

    I like Greek villages very much. Although the villages in Halkidiki are mostly resorts-like type, someone can always find places where the authentic athmosphere of the native Greeks grips you and you can feel in white and blue :) One of my favourite villages are placed in the eastern part of Sythonia (Vourvourou) and Athos (Ouranoupolis). As I have a small child, Vourvourou is the ideal place for family holidays: green grass, children playgrounds in front of houses, hospitable hosts and woderful sea close to the houses.

    Hotels also provide great service in Halkidiki. It is just that you need to do a bit of search. Some hotels actually do not respond to online reservations or respond too late. One actually answered me once I had returned from vacations.
  • vasilisel 06 Oct 2008
    Not crowded at all in April
    Vourvourou beach was very nice and very close to the apartment we had rent. In April, there were not many people, so we were almost alone at the beach. The village is pretty small, clear and quiet, in a few words it is a lovely destination! The taverns were good and the service excellent. People were friendly and they cook deliciously. However, not many taverns were open in April, I think they usually open in May or early June when tourists start to come. Halkidiki is generally a great
    place to see and had many nice beaches. Do not miss to take the boat and go to Mount Athos. You can also take the boat and make the tour of the area.



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