Marathonisi Islet

Location: Limni Keriou   

Zakynthos Marathonisi islet: The islet of Marathonisi is placed across the beach of Keri, in Laganas bay. It is not a single island but also includes two more small islets called Pontikonisia. Its perimeter is just about a mile and can be reached by boat from Keri beach and Laganas bay. There are boats that have frequent itineraries to the islet. Otherwise, you can hire a caique or take part in organized daily tours.

In any case, visitors must be very careful during their trip to Marathonisi because this is a breeding place for the sea turtles Caretta Caretta, an endangered species of sea turtle that go to Marathonisi to reproduce in the summer season. This is why visitors are absolutely not allowed to explore the island, but they are expected to stay only in the first 5 meters of a small beach so that they do not harm the reproduction of the sea turtles. Moreover, another species in danger of extinction, the Monachus Monachus sea seal goes there to rest and reproduce.

Marathonisi is not inhabited and keeps its characteristic pine, olive and green oak forests in excellent conditions. It has thick vegetation everywhere and two main beaches with different features. One of them has white sand, while the other has pebbles. The sandy beach is where the sea turtle goes to lay its eggs and that is why Marathonisi is included as part of Zakynthos Marine Park. There are also two interesting sea caves, where you can swim to go or use a boat. These caves are ideal for those who like snorkeling. The islet of Marathonisi is totally unspoiled. Therefore, it is advisable to take enough supplies with you.

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wrote on Dec 26, 2013

The description of Marathonissi islet URGENTLY needs updates and corrections.

Marathonisi is not inhabited - as it is part of the National Marine Park of Zakynthos - it is illegal to construct anything at all on the island. Therfore the island keeps its characteristic pines, olives and green oaks in excellent conditions.
Marathonissi has also two main beaches and is one of the favourite caretta-caretta locations, where this ENDANGERED sea turtle goes to reproduce. Moreover, another species IN DANGER of EXTINCTION, the Monachus-Monachus sea seal goes there to rest and reproduce.
The sandy beach is where the sea turtle goes to lay its eggs and that is why Marathonissi should not be visited by any tourists at all. On the island there are plenty of beaches for swimming or sunbathing and caves for swimming and snorkling. The islet of Marathonissi consequenlty should be kept pure and unspoiled.

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wrote on Dec 26, 2013

Addendum :
Please also note that - even if people tell you otherwise, including the locals - if you anyhow decide to have a closer look at the island, you are only allowed to use the first 5 metres of the main beach. All the rest of the islet is forbidden area. And hopefully before making that decission, you can imagine ... in full summer season and at 35 to 40 degrees celsius ... to be on that 50 meter long and 5 meter wide beach with another 1000 individuals like yourself. You will rather feel like the Monarchus-Monarchus in better days.

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