The sea turtle enters fashion

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A new way for its promotion and financing has announced the National Marine Park of Zakynthos. With the initiative of its president, Mrs Amalia Karagouni- Kirstou, the Park has started a cooperation with the French Fashion House HERMES to launch neckerchieves with the depiction of the Caretta-Caretta sea turtle on them. The neckerchieves will be launched in Athens and Paris and the sea turtle depicted on them will be of normal size. Part of the incomes of this trade will be given to the National Marine Park of Zakynthos to be used for the protection of this rare species of turtles who live in the Meditarranean and come to the sandy beaches of Zakynthos every summer to lay their eggs. The series of these neckerchieves, which will be in stores in a few days, is entitled "De Mandras a Zakynthos" and the chieves will be of green, blue and orange colour. The collection will be officially presented on November 12th, in a special display in the Goulandris Museum of Natural History in Athens.