Restoration of Agia Mavra

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According to the religious authorities of the island, works in the church of Agia Marva in Macherado village will start soon in order to restore the church to its old glory. Agia Mavra is one of the oldest and most famous churches in Zakynthos as it was built in the 14th century, during the Venetian rule. Built in a simple way, the church has a tall bell tower at its side and fine frescoes inside, painted by Greek artists. On the occasion of its celebration yesterday, on May 3rd, Holy Masses were held in the church and the pilgrims performed a watch night. The Bishop of Zakynthos announced that the restoration works, which will last for 5 or 6 years, includes a new Holy Table, a reconstruction of the wooden temple and the placement of two new Holy Seats, so that the church will be functional again. The municipality has also started to renovate the surrounding area to show off the beauty of this religious monument.