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Zakynthos news

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Zante Run 2024

May 12, 2024 — May 12, 2024 • Ionian, Zakynthos

The 3rd Zante Run is a sporting event in Zakynthos that wants to highlight the island by promoting unity through sports and more specifically running! On 12 May 2024, five separate races will be taking place throughout the main town of Zakynthos for people of all ages!

Posted on Feb 27, 2024 Category: Events

Shapes Zakynthos 2019

Aug 22, 2019 — Aug 25, 2019 • Ionian, Zakynthos
Shapes Zakynthos 2019 is an electronic music festival on the outstanding Greek island of Zakynthos, Greece.
Posted on Jul 24, 2019 Category: Events

Ferry line from Bari from July 21st

• Ionian, Zakynthos
For this summer, the ferry schedules from Bari to Zakynthos are starting from July 21st. In overall, 7 departures have been scheduled for the ferry line Bari-Kefalonia-Zakynthos for high season 2014.
Posted on May 06, 2014 Category: News

British tourist dead after fight in Laganas

• Ionian, Zakynthos
A British tourist aged 18 lost his life last night, as he was stabbed in the heart by a local taxi driver in the tourist resort of Laganas!
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 Category: News

Giostra di Zante: old costum revives

• Ionian, Zakynthos
It was only a few years ago when some people in Zakynthos decided to revive an old custom that had its roots in the Venetian occupation of their island. Since then, Giostra di Zante has taken part in all Carnival festivities of the island and has also represented Zakynthos in similar festivals abroad.
Posted on Oct 11, 2010 Category: Interviews

Giostra di Zante Carnival 2010

Feb 12, 2010 — Feb 13, 2010 • Ionian, Zakynthos
In Zakynthos the tradition of Giostra has revived over the last years and it is presented on the last weekend of the Carnival.
Posted on Feb 01, 2010 Category: Events

Depicting a rich natural collection

• Ionian, Zakynthos
The Helmis Museum of Natural History through a large collection depicts the rich natural environment of Zakynthos.
Posted on Dec 16, 2009 Category: Interviews

Depicting a rich natural collection

• Ionian, Zakynthos
The Helmis Museum of Natural History through a large collection depicts the rich natural environment of Zakynthos.
Posted on Dec 16, 2009 Category: Interviews

Direct flights by Easy Jet

• Ionian, Zakynthos
Easy Jet is sending people in Zakynthos next week to examine the possibility to include the island in its route map.
Posted on Sep 23, 2009 Category: News

Agia Mavra among the Byzantine Museums

• Ionian, Zakynthos
The mayor of Artemisia Municipality on Zakynthos announced the inclusion of the Holy Temple of Agia Mavra among the Byzantine Museums of the island, so that it will be easier to finance its restoration.
Posted on Aug 09, 2009 Category: News

Bottled Wine Festival

Jul 25, 2009 — Jul 25, 2009 • Ionian, Zakynthos
A lovely Wine Festival will be organized on Saturday, June 25th, by the lake of Keri village, Zakynthos.
Posted on Jul 23, 2009 Category: Events

Zante Jazz Festival 2009

Jul 10, 2009 — Jul 12, 2009 • Ionian, Zakynthos
This is the first time that a Jazz Festival will be held this year in Zakynthos and it is an effort of the local authorities to continue the rich music tradition of Zakynthos.
Posted on Jul 10, 2009 Category: Events

Local celebration of Saint Nicolaos

May 10, 2009 — May 10, 2009 • Ionian, Zakynthos
The celebration of Saint Nicolas will take place this Sunday, May 10th, on Zakynthos. This celebration is not included in the official calendar of the Orthodox Church as it is a local feast of Zakynthos.
Posted on May 08, 2009 Category: Events

Restoration of Agia Mavra

• Ionian, Zakynthos
According to the religious authorities of the island, works in the church of Agia Marva in Macherado village will start soon in order to restore the church to its old glory.
Posted on May 04, 2009 Category: News

Young kids cleaned Kalamaki beach

• Ionian, Zakynthos
The students of Kalamaki Nursery School took an important initiative last Friday, cleaning the beach of Kalamaki from rubbish.
Posted on Apr 14, 2009 Category: News

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