Zakynthos Backgammon Festival

The Backgammon and Poker Festival of Zakynthos: The wonderful island of Zakynthos is very popular with tourists because it celebrates life in every way. One of the activities that take place every year is the Zakynthos Festival of Backgammon and Poker. Held every year at the end of June and early July, this festival draws many players and visitors who come to watch the interesting and unique player strategies.

Zakynthos Backgammon Festival includes 6 days of match play gammon and 6 nights of the tournament format. Run by professional players, who also give tips and coach amateur players how to improve their game, this festival is really entertaining. There is no level of expertise specified and players of all levels and ages are welcome to participate. An unforgettable experience for all, this festival is ideal for game enthusiasts and visitors looking to pick up a new hobby.