Ionian Villages

Information about the Villages of Ionian islands, in Greece but also information about villages in many Greek islands of the group: The common characteristic of the Ionian villages is that they share an elegant Venetian architecture. After many centuries of Venetian occupation, from the 13th till the 19th century, the Ionian islands had been much influenced by their architecture and culture.

Corfu Town is the most evident sample of this Venetian architecture, with the high buildings with no balconies, the narrow paved streets and the two fortresses that protected the town. Argostoli, Zakynthos Town, and Chora Kythira are also very typical samples of Venetian style. Only Lefkada Town has kept a more modern style.

The villages in the Ionian islands, in the countryside, are composed of narrow paths, stone houses, and tiled roofs. Fiscardo and Assos in Kefalonia are two very picturesque seaside places. Vathi and Kioni in Ithaca offer a relaxing atmosphere by the sea, while the small villages of Paxi and Meganisi get popular in summer for mooring of private yachts.

The most beautiful towns and villages in the Ionian islands are Corfu town, Agios Matheos, Pelekas in Corfu | Vathy in Ithaca | Fiscardo, Assos in Kefalonia | Chora in Kythira | Lefkada town, Agios Nikitas in Lefkada | Vathy in Meganisi | Gaios in Paxi and more.

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