Paxi Folklore Museum

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Location: Gaios
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The Folklore Museum of Paxi, Ionian: The Historical and Folklore Museum of Paxi was established in 1996 by the Cultural Association of the island. Located on the beachfront of Gaios, this museum is housed in a traditional building of 1906.

This museum hosts items from the Classical times till the mid 20th century. There is a special selection with fossils, pieces of pottery and other items from the Prehistoric, the Classical and the Roman times. As for the most recent centuries, the museum hosts interesting exhibits, such as weaponry from the Venetian times, the Decree of the Ionian Parliament for the annexation of the Ionian islands with the Greek State in 1864 and the book of an Austrian nobleman who narrates in every detail his trip to Paxi in 1884-85.

A very impressive feature in this museum is also a room decorated with traditional furniture, cooking utensils, agricultural tools, and costumes. These items were donated to the museum by the locals.



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