Paxi Antipaxos Island

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Location: Antipaxi

Antipaxos island close to Paxi: Antipaxos island, also called Antipaxi, is the smallest of the Ionian Islands and belongs to the municipality of Paxi. According to Greek legends, Paxi and all the tiny islands around it were created when Neptune, the sea god, nipped with his trident, a tiny piece from Corfu in order to create a snug cozy place for himself and his consort Amfitryti.


Located 3 kilometers to the south of Paxos, the islet of Antipaxos covers an area of 5 square kilometers. It was originally inhabited by Souliotes, a historic mountain settlement that became famous for their brave resistance against the Ottoman Empire, but after their defeat in 1803, the Souliotes left the island and moved to other parts of Greece. Now it is uninhabited and totally unspoiled with absolutely no sign of modern living.

The islet has a small harbor called Agrapidia where a network of narrow tracks starting from the harbor reaches the interior of the island, passing the occasional cottage with orchards of fruit trees, vegetables, and wild herbs. The islet is covered with vineyards that belong to the local residents and produce a rich red wine with delicious taste, famous in the island of Paxi.

The islet of Antipaxos is famous for its beautiful beaches and offers some of the best swimming and snorkeling opportunities in Greece. Voutoumi and Vrika, the two main beaches of Antipaxos are located at the north end of the islet and both beaches are safe for all people. To the south of these two beaches, there are a few small and beautiful secluded coves. To go to Antipaxos, there are water taxis that run from Gaios usually every hour. The trip takes about 15 minutes.



1 Reviews
  • uliana45 27 Jan 2011
    Unforgettable water
    I was lucky enough to travel to Greece and spend my vacation in the wonderful green islands of Paxi and Antipaxi. I stayed at a friend's house in Gaios, the biggest village of Paxi. I had only a week to spend there and my only wish was to see the astonishing beaches that my friend was talking about all these years. We started from Levrehio, only 5 minutes from Gaios, a wonderful beach with crystalline green waters. We also went to beaches like Logos and Monodendri.

    However, one of the most amazing places that I ever seen in my whole life is the small island of Antipaxi. We passed across with a small boat that travels back and forth between Gaios and Antipaxi. I can easily characterize the place as the ultimate Greek island. You feel like that the island has been crystal for ages, enough to make it a paradise. The island has no habitants, only a few people go there in summer to spend the day and leave at night. The boat made the tour of this magical island and all we could see was clean exotic sea. The turquoise water was just breathtaking. Voutoumi is a wonderful pebbled beach on the northern side of the island. It is situated inside a cove with tall rock on the sides. The water is quite shallow, ideal for all ages. There is also a tavern on the hill.