Lefkada Vafkeri

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General information

The mountainous village of Vafkeri in Lefkada is a wonderful settlement with just 100 inhabitants. It is built at 500 meters altitude within a vast green area amidst olive tree forests near Eglouvi.

Vafkeri became world-famous during the German-Italian occupation in the context of World War II. In particular, on August 1st, 1943, a group of Carabinieri (an Italian police force) visited the Greek village to make arrests. Things didn't go as planned since the people of Vafkeri disarmed ad arrested them. The next day, radio stations of the Allies including the BBC, proclaimed that "the Italian Empire capitulated with a tiny village of Lefkada".

Nowadays, Vafkeri is a deserted village with ruined buildings that witness the way of life some centuries ago and totally unspoiled with an idyllic verdant landscape.
The road that connects Nidri with the village offers a breathtaking view of the Ionian Sea. Close to the village lies a historic 16th-century monastery - the Monastery of Archangel Michael.

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