Ionian dolphins gradually disappear

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The extensive fishing activity and their entrapment has led to the dramatic reduce of the dolphins that live in the Ionian Sea. According to elements announced by WWF, a organization active for environment issues, the population of these dolphins in the last decade has reduced from 150 to 15 today. Most of them live around the island of Lefkada and particularly close to the small island of Kalamos, however the intense human activity provoked the destruction of their natural habitats and their death. These dolphins belong to the species delphinus delphis, which is not a rare species around the world but it is indeed rare in the Mediterranean. The Ionian Sea is the only area in the Meditteranean bassin that this dolphin species lives. WWF Hellas and other environmental organizations ask for the application of the European and international law for illegal fishing to protect these dolphins and allow them to augment their population.