Ancient theatre unearthed in Lefkada island

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An ancient theatre of large dimensions was brought to light by the archaeologists at Koulmos Hill in Lefkada, in short distance from the capital town of the island. At the end of 2015 trial cuts took place in the region, at a private property on the north eastern side of the hill, where there is a declined concavity. Until today the references and knowledge of the archaeologists about the ancient theatre of Lefkada Town have been very limited, as it is not mentioned at all in ancient texts.

At the same location, a short archaeological research had taken place at the early 20th century. Although the results of the research had not been published in detail, there are elements and designs connected to the existence of an ancient theatre at the archaeological notebooks of that era.

From the recent excavations conducted by the Ephorate of Antiquities of Aetolia-Acarnania and Lefkada, the location of the theatre was confirmed and were also discovered rows of seats, part of the Orchestra and part of walls from the Koilon (Main Theatre) and the Scene. The excavations and research for the Ancient Theatre of Lefkada will be continued. This is the only ancient theatre that has been discovered in the Ionian islands and it is estimated that it had capacity for 10,000 people.